Luminous Eco Watt 700 Rimso 180Ah Battery

Original price was: ৳ 36,500.Current price is: ৳ 33,500.

This Price is for the Complete Set of Luminous Eco Watt Neo-700 IPS with Rimso 180Ah Flat Tubular Battery and Battery Cover.

Description of Complete Setup:


  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Eco Watt Neo-700
  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Rated Power: 504 Watt
  • Volt. System: 12Volt
  • Waveform: Square Wave
  • Warranty: 24Months


  • Brand: Rimso
  • Model: 6RBT-180
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 180Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 3 Hours.
  • Warranty: 24Months

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Why Choose Luminous Eco Watt 700 IPS with Rimso 180Ah Battery in BD?

Choosing the Luminous Eco Watt 700 IPS (Instant Power Supply) with a Rimso 180Ah battery in Bangladesh can offer reliable and long-lasting power backup solutions, especially in areas frequently experiencing power outages. The Luminous 700 IPS is known for its efficient power conversion and stable output, which ensures the safety of connected devices, while the Rimso 180Ah battery provides a high storage capacity, allowing for extended backup time during blackouts. Furthermore, the combination of a reputable brand like Luminous with the robust performance of the Rimso battery makes for a cost-effective investment in Bangladesh’s challenging power scenario, assuring consumers of a durable and consistent power supply.

Product Details for Luminous Eco Watt 700 Rimso 180Ah Battery Full Set:

This Price is for Luminous Eco Watt Neo 700 IPS Full Set (Control Unit/IPS + Rimso 180Ah Battery + Battery Cover + Cable & Accessories + Free Delivery, and Installation All Over Bangladesh)

Luminous Eco Watt 700:

  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Eco Watt Neo 700
  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Rated Power-504 watts.
  • Volt. System: 12Volt
  • Waveform: Square Wave
  • Single Battery Support Support: Flat, Tubular, SMF & Local Battery
  • ABCC Technology
  • Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 100V AC
  • Net weight (kg.): 7.1
  • Dimensions (L*B*H) 27.5X26.2X12.4 all in cm
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Mfg. By: Luminous Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Origin: India.
Applications: 3 Fan+3 CFL / 4-5LED Light+1Router Or, Computer, Normal printer, Scanner, etc. Or, customer requirements within 504 Watt

Eastern 180Ah Battery:

  • Brand: Rimso
  • Model: 6RBY-180
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 180Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 3 Hours.
  • Battery guarantee two(2) years replacement guarantee in case of a manufacturing fault.
  • Battery Mfg. in Bangladesh.

Product Features:

  • Luminous Eco Watt Neo Series Home UPS/IPS is built with an advanced PCB Programming microprocessor FSW Transformer.
  • It has powerful reliable, efficient, intelligent charging technology. This is why it consumes less power.
  • It is capable of charging at 110 Volts
  • It has an intelligent thermal management system that keeps the machine cool and auto shutdown in overheating. High deficiency transformers that ensure accurate power.
  • Supports Flat, Tubular, SMF, and local Batteries.
  • Three-stage charging system.>This Home UPS/Inverter/IPS supports three-stage smart charging for safe, efficient, and longer Battery life.
  • Eco Watt Neo Home UPS/Inverter/IPS supports Eco Mode (180V-260V) for the safety of sensitive appliances and UPS mode (extended voltage range) for reduced Battery usage.
  • Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 100V AC.
  • Overload Protection with auto reset.
  • Max Charging Current (in Amperes)-14

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  1. talaf

    Customers looking to maintain a steady power supply in areas with frequent outages often comment positively on the Luminous Eco Watt 700 Rimso 180Ah Battery for its reliable performance. The heavy-duty battery, with its impressive 180Ah capacity, garners commendation for its long-lasting backup and durability in various conditions. In online forums and product reviews, one can find numerous comments appreciating Eco Watt 700 Rimso’s compatibility with a wide range of home appliances, making it a go-to choice for sustainable and uninterrupted energy solutions.

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