Luminous 700 IPS with Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery Full Set

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This Price is for the Complete Set of Luminous Eco Watt Neo 700 IPS with Eastern eMax-220Ah Flat Tubular Battery and Battery Cover. Free Delivery and Installation for Dhaka District.

Description of Complete Setup:


  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Eco Watt Neo 700
  • Capacity: 600VA, 504 Watt
  • Waveform: Square Wave
  • Warranty: 24Months


  • Brand: Eastern
  • Model: eMax-220T Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 220Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 4Hours
  • Warranty: 30Months

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Efficient Power Management with the Complete Luminous 700 IPS & Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery Package:

The Luminous 700 IPS with an Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery full set is a high-capacity, inverter-battery combination designed to provide reliable and consistent power backup for households and small businesses. The inverter system boasts a 700VA output, allowing it to run multiple appliances smoothly during power outages, while the 220Ah tubular battery offers extended backup time and a longer lifespan thanks to its robust tubular plate technology. This full set combination ensures efficient energy conversion, durability, and maintenance ease, making it a popular choice for those in areas with frequent electricity fluctuations or for anyone in need of a dependable power backup solution.

The Eco Watt Neo series, featuring Intelligent Square Wave technology, is a popular product from Luminous. It comes with a microprocessor-based design, rapid battery charging, clear LED indicators, and a battery selection switch to extend battery life and enhance performance. The series also includes multiple protection features and alarms. It is designed for use in homes, offices, and small commercial settings.

Product Details for Luminous 700 IPS with Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery Full Set:

Luminous 700 IPS with Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery Full Set. This Price is for a Full Set (Control Unit/IPS + Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery + Battery Cover + Cable & Accessories + Free Delivery, and Installation for Dhaka District)

Luminous 700 IPS:

  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Eco Watt Neo 700
  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Rated Power-504 watts.
  • Volt. System:12Volt
  • Waveform: Square Wave
  • Single Battery Support Support: Flat, Tubular, SMF & Local Battery
  • ABCC Technology
  • Battery charging commences even at input voltage as low as 90V AC
  • Net weight (kg.)-7.1 ± 3%
  • Dimensions (L*B*H) 27.5X26X11.5 all in cm
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Mfg. By: Luminous Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Origin: India.
Applications: 3 Fan+3 CFL / 5 LED Light+1Router Or, Computer, Normal printer, Scanner, etc. Or, customer requirements within 504 Watt.

Eastern 220Ah Tubular Battery:

  • Brand: EASTERN
  • Model: eMax-220
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity:12Volt, 220Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 4 Hours
  • Battery guarantee two(30) Month replacement guarantee in case of a manufacturing fault.
  • Battery Mfg. in Bangladesh.

Product Features:

  • Battery Support: The system accommodates a single 12V battery.
  • Battery Charging: The adaptive battery charging control (ABCC) feature is designed to prolong battery lifespan and enhance backup duration.
  • Performance Indicators: The system includes LED indicators to monitor the performance of the inverter battery system.
  • Operating Modes: In UPS Mode, the output voltage is maintained within 180V to 260V to protect sensitive devices like computers. Eco Mode allows for a wider voltage range, which can help to conserve battery power.
  • The microprocessor design of this device provides consistent and rapid transition between mains and inverter, with the switchover time under 15 milliseconds.
  • It is capable of initiating low voltage battery charging from 90V, making it suitable for areas experiencing low input voltage
  • The device offers a higher battery charging current compared to its competitors, which contributes to a quicker battery recharge and ensures the battery is at optimal capacity for subsequent power outages.
  • The equipment comes with multiple protection features, including safeguards against overcharging, overload, short circuit, over temperature, as well as indicators for low battery and switchover status.
  • It has powerful reliable, efficient, intelligent charging technology. This is why it consumes less power.
  • It is compatible with various battery types, including Tubular, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Flat plate, and local batteries, with capacities ranging from 80Ah to 220Ah.
  •  appliances and UPS mode (extended voltage range) for reduced Battery usage.
  • Eco Mode Voltage Range: 100-290VAC
  • UPS Mode Voltage Range: 180-260VAC
  • Change Over Time: <20 Milli Sec
  • Overload Protection with auto reset.
  • Max Charging Current (in Amperes)-14

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