Optimus 1250 IPS With 120Ah Battery | Luminous 1100VA IPS

Original price was: ৳ 39,500.Current price is: ৳ 35,000.

This Price is for the Complete Set of Luminous Optimus 1250 IPS with Eastern 120Ah Flat Tubular Battery and Battery Cover. Free Delivery and Installation for Dhaka District.

Description of Complete Setup:


  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Optimus 1250
  • Capacity: 1100VA, 924 Watt
  • Waveform: Sine Wave
  • Warranty: 24Months


  • Brand: Eastern
  • Model: 6EPB-120T Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 1200Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 1Hour
  • Warranty: 24Months

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Explore the Power of Optimus 1250 IPS with 120Ah Battery: Price Details for Luminous 1100VA IPS

The Optimus 1250 IPS (Intelligent Power System) with a 120Ah battery is a robust power backup solution designed to provide reliable energy storage and supply. Equipped with a high-capacity 120Ah battery, this system is capable of delivering sustained power to a range of devices and appliances, making it an ideal choice for both home and commercial use during outages or off-grid situations. Moreover, the 1250 IPS features intelligent management technology that optimizes battery performance and longevity, ensuring efficient power delivery and a greater return on investment for users seeking uninterrupted power solutions.

The Optimus 1250 IPS series features a range of advanced pure sine wave inverters with microcontroller technology. These inverters come with a mains bypass switch and an adjustable battery charging current. The clear LCD display provides eight types of real-time performance data, such as charging and backup time, load status, and fault alerts. Users can optimize for longer backup time or enhanced performance by adjusting the output voltage. The Optimus series is suitable for residential, commercial, and office applications.

Product Details for Optimus 1250 IPS With 120Ah Battery:

Optimus 1250 IPS With 120Ah Battery Price, This Price is for a Complete Set of Optimus 1250 IPS With Eastern 120Ah Battery. (Control Unit/IPS + Battery + Battery Cover + Cable & Accessories + Free Delivery, and Installation for Dhaka District)

Product Description for Optimus 1250 IPS:

  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Model: Optimums 1250
  • Capacity: 1100VA
  • Rated Power-924 Watt
  • Volt. System: 12Volt
  • Waveform: Sine Wave
  • Single Battery Support Support: Flat, Tubular, SMF & Local Battery
  • The Luminous Optimus 1250 IPS features a Smart LCD display that provides indicators for backup and charging times, as well as status indications for Mains On and the selection between Eco and UPS modes.
  • Maximum charging current 18A for the faster battery charging
  • Compatible with all battery types: Tubular, flat plate & SMF batteries (80Ah – 250Ah)
  • Net weight (kg.)-11.4 ± 3%
  • Dimensions (L*B*H) 30X27.5X13.9 (All in Cm)
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Mfg. By: Luminous Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Origin: India.
Applications: 7Fan+7LED Light+1Router Or, Computer, Normal printer, Scanner, etc.
Or, customer requirements within 924 Watt

Eastern 120Ah Battery:

  • Brand: EASTERN
  • Model: 6EPB-120T
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12V, 120Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 1Hour
  • Battery guarantee Twenty-Four (24) Month replacement guarantee in case of manufacturing fault. Battery
  • Mfg. in Bangladesh.

Product Features:

  • Advanced LCD Display shows real-time statistics
  • User settable Charging current and Output voltage
  • Fast battery charging
  • Mode selector
  • Safety for your home
  • Luminous Optimums 1250 IPS Supports all battery types and capacity” Description:
  • Display: State-of-the-art LCD display that shows real-time inverter battery performance statistics.
  • They are charging current: User-settable charging current between (8A-18A) for optimized performance.
  • Optimized performance: User-settable output voltage between (200V-240V) to optimize longer Backup time and Performance
  • Battery charging capabilities include standard charging starting at 95V and fast charging commencing at 135V input supply voltage.
  • Eco Mode Voltage Range: 85-290VAC
  • UPS Mode Voltage Range: 180-265VAC
  • Change Over Time: <20 Milli Sec
  • Overload Protection with auto reset.
  • Mode selector: Eco and UPS mode availability
  • Max Charging Current (in Amperes)-18
  • Battery Supported: Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular, and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-250Ah)

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  1. talaf

    The Optimus 1250 IPS with a 120Ah battery from Luminous is a powerhouse of uninterrupted power supply, earning rave comments from users for its reliability and performance. Many comments highlight the Luminous 1100VA IPS for its impressive efficiency and capability to handle heavy loads, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings. Customers frequently comment on the ease of maintenance and longevity of the 120Ah battery, ensuring that their investment in the Optimus 1250 IPS delivers consistent power backup and peace of mind during outages.

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