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Original price was: ৳ 150,000.Current price is: ৳ 145,000.

ZIGOR AMAZONAS Series offers a 10KVA online UPS. The listed price pertains to the 10KVA long backup online UPS and covers delivery and installation in Bangladesh. Cables and accessories are sold separately.

Product Description:

  • Brand: ZIGOR
  • Model: Amazonas pro 10KVA
  • Capacity: 10KVA
  • Volt. System: 192Volt.
  • Backup Time: As per Requirement
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty.
  • Origin: Spain.

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Explore the Robust Amazonas Series: 10KVA Long Backup Online UPS for Uninterrupted Power:

A 10KVA long backup online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides a robust power protection solution for critical systems that require uninterrupted electricity, eliminating any potential downtime due to power outages or fluctuations. Utilizing double conversion technology, it converts incoming AC power to DC to charge its batteries, then inverts it back to clean AC power for connected devices, ensuring a steady and reliable power supply with zero transfer time. Built to offer extended backup time, this higher-capacity UPS can support servers, networking equipment, or other sensitive electronic devices for a prolonged period, making it an ideal choice for businesses where continuity is paramount.

Product Details for 10KVA Long Backup Online UPS :

ZIGOR AMAZONAS Series 10KVA Online UPS, Double conversion with galvanic isolation from 5KVA to 20KVA.
This Price is only for 10KVA Long Backup Online UPS. The quoted price applies specifically to the 10KVA Long Backup Online UPS. The cost includes delivery and installation services across Bangladesh. Please note that cables and accessories are not included in the price.
The Amazonas series UPS ensure total protection for power including 5KVA to 20KVA against any anomaly inside the mains electricity network in their operation. With On-Line Twice Conversion technology, as the particular supply voltage to a lot is provided in simplicity via the inverter period with galvanic isolation.
Advanced PWM Technology permits a voltage and current-adjusted signal being available at each moment in time, free of harmonics, tones and interferences. Information on the status of the system is presented locally through LED signaling and any LCD screen with diverse menus. Information on the unit can be managed remotely through powerful software.

Product Description:

  • Brand: ZIGOR
  • Model: Amazonas pro 10KVA
  • Capacity: 10KVA
  • Volt. System: 192Volt.
  • Backup Time: As per Requirement
  • Battery Type and Capacity: 12V and Ah (As per Requirement of Battery Ah)
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty.
  • Origin: Spain.


  • Its systems and equipment.
  • Computer, Printer & Scanner, etc.
  • Process controls, Testing & Measuring instruments.
  • Medical, Electronic healthcare equipment & Lift-support systems in hospitals.
  • Safety systems in power stations.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Bank-ATMs.
  • Networking, Telecommunications & Datacenter.
  • Industrial and many more (as per customers’ requirements).


  • Online UPS double conversion with galvanic isolation
  • Microprocessor digital control systems
  • Reduced harmonic distortion associated with output signal
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Protections in opposition to overload, short-circuits & lower battery voltage
  • Software integrated for System Monitoring
  • RS232/RS485 relationship ports
  • Chance for extended autonomies
  • LCD display: information regarding the status of UPS
  • PFI filtration system
  • SNMP greeting card optional / RS232 Ethernet converter
  • Galvanic isolation from output transformers
  • Power: 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 and also 20KVA
  • Manual Bypass (20KVA model)

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  1. talaf

    The “10KVA Long Backup Online UPS” refers to an uninterruptible power supply system capable of delivering a power output of 10 kilovolt-amperes (kVA). Designed to provide a substantial amount of energy, this UPS is built for environments where continuous power is critical and power interruptions are not acceptable, such as data centers, hospitals, or industrial facilities. The “long backup” aspect indicates that the UPS has a significantly extended battery life or is able to maintain power for a longer duration compared to standard UPS systems, ensuring that connected equipment remains operational during extended power outages. As an “online” UPS, it provides the highest level of power protection by constantly conditioning the power and maintaining a seamless transfer to battery power without any interruption when a power failure is detected. This type of UPS typically involves a double conversion process where AC power is converted to DC to charge the batteries, and then back to AC to supply clean and stable power to connected devices. Such systems are essential for protecting sensitive equipment from power fluctuations and ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical applications.

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