Exide 1450VA 12v inverter with Rimso 150Ah Battery Price In BD

Original price was: ৳ 46,500.Current price is: ৳ 43,500.

The Exide GQP 1450VA Inverter and Battery Package, including a 1450VA unit, Rimso 150Ah Tubular battery, Battery Cover, and accessories, is offered with free delivery and installation in Dhaka.

Product Description:

  • Brand: EXIDE
  • Capacity: GQP 1450VA, 1160 watts
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Warranty: 24 Months

Rimso 150Ah Tubular Battery:

  • Brand: Rimso
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 150Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 2Hours
  • Battery guarantee Twenty-Four (24) Month

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Exide 1450VA 12v inverter with Rimso 150Ah Battery – Best Price in BD:

Exide 1450VA 12v inverter, paired with an Rimso 150Ah battery, offers a robust solution for addressing power backup needs in both residential and small office setups. This combination ensures a seamless power supply, capable of handling a variety of electrical appliances for extended periods during outages, thanks to its high-capacity storage and efficient power conversion. The durability of the Rimso 150Ah battery, known for its long service life and low maintenance, complements the reliable performance of the Exide inverter, making this pairing a preferred choice for consumers seeking dependable power backup solutions.

Details of Exide 1450VA 12v inverter with Rimso 150Ah Battery:

The Exide GQP 1450VA Pure Sine Wave inverter features modern attributes, incorporating a 3-stage Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) charging, Auto Smart Protection, and includes both LCD and LED displays for monitoring purposes. This inverter is equipped with a copper transformer, a less common component in numerous inverters, which aids in enhancing power efficiency. It is designed to deliver a steady power supply, comparable to the main grid, which is essential for the protection of electronic devices.

The Exide 1450VA 12v inverter and Rimso 150Ah Tubular Battery Complete Package is now available. This package includes a 1450VA control unit/IPS, a 150Ah battery, a battery cover, cables, and additional accessories. Free delivery and installation services are offered for customers in Dhaka.

Product Description:

  • Brand: EXIDE
  • Model: GQP 1450VA
  • Capacity: 1450VA
  • Rated Power: 1160 watts
  • Volt. System: 12 Volt
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Transformer: Transformers composed entirely of copper.
  • Applications: 8Fan+ 10LED Light+ 1Router+ 1Tv (As Per Requirement)
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Mfg. By: EXIDE Industries Ltd.
  • Origin: India.

Rimso 150Ah Tubular Battery:

  • Brand: Rimso
  • Model: 6RBT-150T
  • Battery Type: Industrial Flat Tubular
  • Capacity: 12Volt, 150Ah (1Pc.)
  • Back-Up Time: 1Hours
  • Battery guarantee Twenty-Four (24) Month replacement guarantee in case of a manufacturing fault. Battery
  • Mfg. in Bangladesh.

Product Features:

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • 100% Copper-based Transformers
  • Three-Level Smart ASIC Charge (Normal, Boost & Fast Charging Rate)
  • Dual Screen with LCD & LED
  • Great Power Savings
  • Manual Mains Bypass Facility
  • Two Output Plugs
  • Automated Intelligent Safeguards
  • Resettable Switch for Overload Protection
  • Automatic Charge Control for Batteries
  • Clear LCD Screen for Enhanced User Interaction
  • Built-In MCB for Overload Protection from Main Power
  • Protection Against Incorrect Phase Reversal
  • Smart Detection of Overload, Low Battery, Overheating & Short Circuit for Safety
  • Service-Friendly Design
  • Silent Operation with No Buzzing Sound

Technical Specifications of Exide GQP 1450VA Inverter

  1. Output Voltage at No Load: 220V ± 7V AC
  2. Output Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
  3. Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  4. Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V DC
  5. Battery Low Cut Off: 10.5V ± 0.2V DC

Charging Mode

  1. Maximum Charging Current (NC): 12Amp ± 10Amp
  2. Maximum Charging Current (EC): 22Amp ± 10Amp
  3. Maximum Charging Current (HC): 30Amp ± 10Amp
  4. Maximum Charging Current (HC): 13Amp ± 1Amp
  5. Boost Charging Voltage: 14.4V ± 0.2V DC
  6. Trickle Charging Voltage: 13.7V ± 0.2V DC
  7. Change Over Time Mains to Back-up (@ UPS Mode): ≤ 10 msec
  8. Change Over Time Back-up to Mains (@ UPS Mode): ≤ 10 msec
  9. Input Voltage Range (@ UPS Mode): 180V – 260V ± 10V AC
  10. Change Over Time Mains to Back-up (@ Normal Mode): ≤ 40 msec
  11. Change Over Time Back-up to Mains (@ Normal Mode): ≤ 10 msec
  12. Input Voltage Range (@ Normal Mode): 100V – 280V ± 10V AC

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