Luminous Power Technology is trusted Brand that offers us the perfect solution for power backup. It has different models and different capacity of power solution. Some models are mentioned here, Eco Watt+ Home UPS/IPS, Solar NXC, Pro Home UPS/IPS, Zelio Home UPS/IPS and Cruze Home UPS/IPS.

We have tried to give describe some of models here, ” Luminous Eco Watt+”

Product Features:

Luminous Eco Watt+ Home UPS/IPS Series is built with advanced PCB Programming microprocessor FSW Transformer. It has Powerful reliable efficient smart charging technology. This is why it consumes less Power. It capable of charging at 110 Volts It has an intelligent thermal management system that keeps the machine cool and auto shutdown in overheating. High deficiency transformer that ensures accurate Power. Supports Flat, Tubular, SMF and local Battery. Three stage charging system.>Luminous Eco Watt+650 Home UPS/IPS supports three stage smart charging to safe and efficient charging and longer Battery life. Luminous Eco Watt+650 Home UPS/IPS supports the Eco Mode (180V-260V) for safety of sensitive appliances and UPS mode (extended voltage range) for reduced Battery

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