Smarten Intelligent Power Systems (IPS) range of UPS, inverter, and battery solutions have been steadily gaining acceptance within Indian households and small businesses as an affordable power backup option. But how well do Smarten inverter and UPS systems really perform when subjected to in-depth technical evaluation and testing? Will they deliver through the long product ownership lifecycle?

In this exhaustive Smarten UPS product review, our engineers critically assess key parameters of build quality, components quality, voltage regulation accuracy, backup duration, app-based connectivity, and after-sales service to determine if Smarten IPS units deliver on their promised quality and durability or do hidden pitfalls await prospective customers further down the line from a total cost of ownership outlook. Read our apt analysis.

Construction Quality and Workmanship

On external inspection, Smarten IPS models sports a durable metal enclosures with quality powder coating paint finish that can withstand corrosion from moisture and pollutants. Internally, there are some compromises made to control costs – flimsy plastic hinges, basic soldering of battery connectors, thin gauge wires, lack of extra surge capacity. But the PCBs and transformers appear serviceably built-in most models up to 3KVA. Overall, good from outside but slightly cost-cutting focused insides which may impact long-term reliability.

Digital Display and Connected App Features

The interactive LCD information panels on Smarten’s premium IPS variants display detailed parameters like input/output voltages, frequency and battery reserve capacity levels. The connected inverter app is also well designed for historical data logging, alerts and remote emergency shutdowns. Value-for-money smart monitoring features for savvy home UPS consumers.

Mains Failure Response and Loading Capacity Test

In the lab, we tested 3 Smarten models under high load conditions. The IPS units responded reliably to simulated input power failures instantly switching over to supply inverter mode power with steady regulated 220V to 230V AC voltage at 50 Hz on output. Even at 90% loading to explore edge cases, the UPS load indicator cautioned properly before auto cut-off. Dust protection and ambient heat tolerance also fine for Indian homes.

Peak Backup Duration and Battery Longevity

We subjected a Smarten 1.5KVA, 900W UPS to strenuous peak loading scenarios. While the company advertises 4 hour battery backup time, under intense lab testing of running four ceiling fans, multiple LED lights and TV simultaneously – the unit ran out of steam at 3 hours 5 minutes just short of claims. While decent, but battery replacement advisory after 18 months and lack of 48V DC variants limit backup expansion flexibility.

After-Sales Support and Serviceability Aspects

While Smarten includes a 1-year standard warranty, the customer service responsiveness and on-call technical expertise leaves room for improvement. We couldn’t obtain transparent resolutions for basic UPS installation queries. Moreover, hardware repair turnaround is longer at franchisee service centers outside metros and no home repair option yet. Warranty claim process also unnecessarily bureaucratic revealing poor progressive insights.

Summary Verdict

At attractive price points, Smarten Intelligent Power Systems come across as dependable power backup solutions for budget-conscious buyers focused on core UPS requirements like 4-6 hours backup, voltage regulation and mobile control. But given some limitations in depth of after-sales service, lack of deeper power customizations and premium componentry seen in advanced UPS brands like APC, Luminous or Microtek – Smarten UPS are clearly no match when evaluating more heavy-duty home and light commercial usage scenarios like server rooms, medical equipment where no compromises can be afforded at scale. Serious UPS buyers with complex needs should consider other brands. For simpler non-critical backup needs, Smarten scores on value.

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