ZIGOR | Deba Pro 2000 | 2000VA Off-Line UPS |48V

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ZIGOR Deba pro Series 2000VA Off-line UPS
Line interactive UPS 2000VA
Call for order or any requirement: 01733-436965
Product Code: 2041

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Product Details
ZIGOR Deba pro Series 2000VA Off-line UPS
Line interactive UPS 2000VA
Call for order or any requirement: 01733-436965
Product Code: 2041
Deba Pro player 650/1250/2000VA UPS combines pattern, versatility and easy coping with possibility to configure the extender with different kind of schedule contingent on customer needs. Deba Pro player series includes USB connection port. With line interactive technological know-how, Deba Pro 700/1250/2000VA has the capacity to protect against over voltage, to stabilize microcuts and back up against voltage declines. The following technology allows optimization UPS operation and efficient use of power lengthening its useful lifetime. Additionally, Deba Pro player 700/1250/2000VA allows protecting computer data against long main failure considering its View Power software allows you to save files which you are working and automatic shutdown and use orderly.
 Line interactive
 Reduced size
 2/4 Universal outputs
 USB communication port (Optional)
 AVR Stabilizer
 Uninterrupted power supply: It protects your data supplying power from battery before main failures
 Microprocessor control: UPS circuits are managed by a microprocessor which decreases UPS size and increases its reliability
 Alarms: led and acoustic alarms before main failures
 High quality battery: high quality lead battery with anti-leak seal ensures long life to improve operating economy  Battery self-test function: when UPS starts, automatically it checks battery capacity
 Protection against over voltage: it protects connected equipment against main over voltage
 Automatic charge: UPS always charge battery when it is connected to main power
 Automatic re-start
 1 year guaranty (battery included)
Product Description:
  • Brand: ZIGOR
  • Model: Deba pro 2000VA
  • Capacity: 2000VA
  • Volt. System: 48Volt.
  • Backup Time: 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty batteries included.
  • Origin: Spain.
  • It systems and equipment.
  • Computer, Printer & Scanner etc.
  • Process controls, Testing & Measuring instruments.
  • Medical, Electronic health-care equipment & Lift-support systems in hospitals.
  • Safety systems in power stations.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Bank-  Networking, Telecommunications & Data center.
  • Industrial and many more (as per customers requirement).
For more details with technical specifications, please call us or visit our office. Mob:01733-436965.
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