Kenson 12V-7.5AH UPS Battery Best Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳ 15,500.Current price is: ৳ 1,450.

The Kenson 12V 7.5AH UPS Battery is available for purchase at the listed price, including free delivery across Bangladesh through courier. In Dhaka City, installation services and cash-on-delivery are offered under certain terms and conditions.

Description of SMF Battery:

  • Brand: KENSON
  • Model: KS12V-7.5Ah
  • Capacity: 12V-7.5Ah
  • Battery Type: SMF (Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Warranty: Six (6) Months

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Kenson 12V 7.5AH UPS Battery: Best Prices Available in Bangladesh:

The Kenson 12V-7.5AH UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery offers reliable and efficient backup power for various applications. Engineers have specifically designed this rechargeable battery unit to ensure that your critical devices remain operational during a power outage, preventing loss of data and damage to electrical components. With its 12-volt output and 7.5 ampere-hour capacity, it is particularly suitable for a wide range of UPS systems, security systems, emergency lighting, and other power backup requirements. The Kenson 12V-7.5AH battery stands out for its durability and maintenance-free operation, making it an excellent investment for both commercial and residential users who seek peace of mind in power continuity. Its compact dimensions allow for an easy installation process, while its robust construction ensures a long service life, providing a dependable power solution over many years.

Details of Kenson 12V-7.5AH UPS Battery:

You can purchase the Kenson 12V 7.5AH UPS Battery at the stated price, with complimentary delivery throughout Bangladesh through courier. In Dhaka City, a technician offers installation, alongside a cash-on-delivery option, following specific terms and conditions.

Product Description:

  • Brand: KENSON
  • Model: KS12V-7.5Ah
  • Capacity: 12V-7.5Ah
  • Battery Type: SMF (Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Warranty: Six (6) Months

Application of Kenson 12V-7.5AH UPS Battery:

  • UPS
  • Emergency power
  • Alarms, Fire & Security Systems
  • General Electronics & Control Equipment
  • Communications Equipment

Characteristics of VRLA AGM UPS Battery:

  • Positive plates: Composed of a flat pasted plate with a lead-calcium-tin grid alloy;
  • Negative plates: Made of a flat pasted plate with a lead-calcium grid alloy;
  • Separators: Utilize a micro-porous AGM separator;
  • Casing: Constructed from durable ABS material;
  • Electrolytes: Utilizes absorbed sulfuric acid;
  • Connection posts: Feature high-conductivity terminals;
  • Seal around posts: Employs a dual sealing system;
  • Ventilation: Equipped with a high-efficiency, low-pressure ventilation system.

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  1. talaf

    The Kenson 12V-7.5Ah UPS Battery has been receiving rave reviews for its reliable performance in power backup solutions. Users often comment on its durability and the peace of mind it offers by ensuring uninterrupted power supply to their critical devices. The positive comments highlight its easy installation process and the consistent power output, making it a sought-after choice for those in need of a dependable UPS battery.

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